About Us: We Are the Team of Enthusiasts and Professionals

Laptops and Cups

Several years ago, we were just a bunch of college friends who had one common dream or plan, call it as you like. So, we wanted to write a guidebook for our college mates which, according to our initial idea, would contain brief, clear and valid info about the requirements our college for different disciplines. For example, we wanted one chapter to be dedicated to the most frequently assigned writings and their academic formats, the other one – to tips on dealing with tasks which imply research work, and so on.

Besides, we all attended different courses, so our guidebook could be a great collection of explanations for literally all possible college regulations, hints on paper assignments and many other helpful things. Still, that was only a project waiting for its for its time to come.

How It All Actually Started

Somehow, one of us was asked to write a short article for our college website. It should have been something like an annual report which the college had to publish officially in the end of every academic year. As normal students, we personally never read these reports, but they were considered very important for the college authority. At that time, we already had some materials and statistics concerning some aspects of our instructors’ and administration work, students’ performance and so on. We consulted with our supervisor, offered him some ideas on how the report could be completed basing on what we had, he gave us some advice on what to add, and we started the work.

Our article was successful. What is more, we all were mentioned as its authors on the website. Needless to say, we were really proud of the work done so well. And sometime later an idea occurred to us: why not create our personal website instead of going through the hassle of publishing the book? We decided that it should be a nice blog for students who could find answers to all (or almost all) their questions.

What We Have Now

So, today we are a bunch of successful bloggers who really love what they do. Besides, we are involved in different projects, but they are quite “raw” now, so they need more real work and less words about how amazing they are planned to be.

Our blog here, on this website, has become the result of our great team cooperation and inexhaustible enthusiasm. While working on our new articles, we search for reliable sources of the materials we need and study them carefully. Also, in order to find new topics for our posts, which could be both interesting and useful for our visitors, we try to follow the latest news and tendencies from all over the world.

Why We Really Love Our Job

When you find the sense of your whole life in what you are engaged into, the answer to the question why you like what you do is quite obvious. Writing or blogging helps us share our thoughts and experience with others as well as learn thousands of new things every day. Inspiration comes itself when you need it for what you love.

So, welcome to our Blog! We hope, you will find some really handy tips for your own writing and get inspired by the discovered ideas!