Get Inspired for Writing: The First Step to Success

Probably you clearly understand which negative consequences may cause the lack of inspiration thanks to our previous article. As a result, even more important issues appear, and they are much more difficult to tackle. The main of them is searching for some efficient ways of finding inspiration for writing. Students often do it without reaching…

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Shocked Face

Plot Twist: What, Why, How

A plot twist is a glue in the word form for your reader, if compelled well. There is nothing more precious in a short story than a plot twist in the very end of it. Of course, it only works for a good plot twist, an effective one, something that will make your reader shout…

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Making a Plan

Creating a Character: Most Common Archetypes (Pt. 1)

When people are asked what is the most important feature a good writer must have, the majority replies that it is imagination. However, writing does not always mean fiction, there is plenty of genres that require the author to only describe the reality, exposing the deep understanding of it. What any journalist, public speaker, narrative…

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