Creating a Character: Most Common Archetypes (Pt. 2)

Holding a Book

As it was mentioned in the previous article, knowing what are the common archetypes can both help you understand your character better and avoid making them too boring or predictable. However, as we know, any archetype is just a general image, and your character can shine if you try to mix two of the archetypes together. Think of what features can be combined in a logical way, and meanwhile, keep on reading about the most common archetypes as defined by Carl Golden.

The Soul Types

7. The Lover

The Lover is a sensual person. Like a flower needs sunshine to live, the Lover’s ultimate desire is to be wanted, loved and appreciated. They strive to become attractive – not only physically, but emotionally, too – to others. They are ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of attention, but the attention they seek is not public but intimate. They want to be surrounded by the people they love, by the things they love, do the job they love and are ready to share endlessly when they have such a life.  What is risky with the Lovers is that such a person can change too much only to be likable. In the end, they risk to have nothing left behind the passion and commitment.

8. The Creator

The Creator has an obsession to bring the ideas and images to life. Mainly these people are convinced they are geniuses, their ideas are brilliant and their approach is unique. What is worth admiring is their certainty that any idea can become a reality and their intension to prove this point of view to be right to the whole world. However, the Creator is also a perfectionist, he wants to be so professional when it comes to skills that it might result in the lack of freedom. Also, while neglecting the public opinion, the Creator might work on a less valuable project thinking it will be a masterpiece while he could spend this time on something that will be appreciated in the end.

The Self Types

a Joker

9. The Jester

This is someone who believes that since you only live once, you should take the most of life. They know how to enjoy the moment, they are always in the center of attention, they are the first to come up with a good joke when it is needed. They are afraid of being bored, as well as they are afraid to cause boredom. Do you hear the laughter and cheers? Most likely, you will find a Jester there! And yet, people should be careful with this person as they only live here and now, do not give promises and are actually quite selfish in their seek of fun.

10. The Sage

This person is a real scholar, seeing the sense of their existence in a deep analysis of the facts and getting closer to the truth. They are afraid to be misled, they only trust their own mind. The problem is that the Sage can spend all their life thinking and learning, but they are never decisive and never acting. Being ignorant is their phobia, being around ignorant people drains the Sage both mentally and physically. They would rather spend their days locked in a tower with a pile of books (or with a laptop that you can use to Google things) than in any public area, forced to talk to people who are less smart than them.

11. The Magician

This is a man of the show, but not of the spectacular kind. The Magician is there to shock you with their deep understanding of how the world works and their ability to fulfil the wishes of the surrounding people. How do they do it? They will never tell you, this is their personal secret, but they somehow manage to come up with the best ideas to make the craziest plan work out just fine. They are very afraid of failing, so they will do their best to become the boss, which can also lead them to becoming manipulative.

Showing a Trick

12. The Ruler

This person truly has an iron glove they put on every time they want to grab some more power. They live for gaining the power and only for it, their goal is to become prosperous and grand the same for their friends and family. They will not let anyone to mess with them, and they are successful in leading the army to conquer the enemy (be it a real army or just two best mates). The Ruler is also afraid that once they are mighty, someone will wish to overthrow them, and this is when their fear does not let them sleep at night, does not let them enjoy their life and makes them lose trust in anyone but themselves.


Now, when you know the most common examples of an archetype, every time you face the writer’s block you can check it in order to find some features your characters lack. Hope these articles were a source of inspiration! In the next article we will tell you about the stock characters, who they are and why you do not need to use them in your work.


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