Examples of Scientific Topics: Find the Best for Yourself

Sure, the tips and hints presented in the previous article are helpful for college students and may reduce a lot of unpleasant consequences for them in the future. However, many young people look for examples of topics for their scientific papers. Unluckily, it is not an easy task to find some and understand their main sense and concepts. The majority of ideas on the internet are suitable for school kids who provide their minor and small surveys for classes. However, college students need more serious and significant issues to research. That is why we prepare a list of samples of topics which you can use as the basis for your writing assignments.


This area is not easy to research, but it may be pretty interesting. Young people who choose this sphere are able to motivate themselves for a better job. The main stimulus for them is helping people and finding new ways of making human life more comfortable and improving health conditions of each particular person. Sure, this is a great encouragement. Some students even decide to connect their life with medicine after researching this area for a long time. A part of these young people give blood or become volunteers in different health care organizations.

  • “The Ways of Making Autism Savants Efficient and Full-Right Members of the Society” is a good topic where you can present your personal attitude to this issue and demonstrate a number of effective solutions to this significant problem.
  • One more present-day and important topic is “Research Genetic Disorders as the Key to Finding a Cure for Cancer.” In this case, you will not be able to deal with writing only while basing your work on some personal thoughts and position. It is much better to pay attention to influential medical surveys and reports made by famous people in this sphere.
  • “How Much Rest Do We Need?” is a highly discussed topic among professionals in medicine. Even if it seems to be obvious that an ordinary person needs about 8 hours of sleep, there are some other thoughts on this subject. You should pay attention to the recent scientific reports and present your personal position according to this theme.

Modern Technologies

There is also a specific section which includes topics related to the modern technology. It is an extremely significant subject nowadays as the majority still does not understand the way it influences human life. Some people follow the idea that technology and progress make everything more comfortable and there is no need to waste time and energy as much as it was in the past. At the same time, there are opponents of this position. They claim that technology depletes human being and makes things much worse.

  • One of the present-day issues is starving people in some developing countries. Thus, the theme “The Producing of Food While Using Nanotechnology” can be very topical and discussed a lot. It may be a really good way of reducing human deaths and producing more food without wasting money and energy. Is it possible to realize? You can put down your thoughts on this topic.
  • “Nanotechnology as a Commercial Idea and Useless Investment” is also an important theme today. More and more people realize that modern technology can bring harm to human life. However, others even think that there is no need to provide more surveys and develop the sphere of nanotechnology. It is better to invest finances to another sphere.

Summing up, these are only a few ideas and examples of topics for a scientific paper. All of them are suitable for college. The things in the article demand a serious and responsible approach as it is not an easy task to provide the research on any of these subjects. Sure, there may be much more good concepts which can help you to cope with writing assignments. We will continue this theme in the next post. Do not miss your chance and learn our samples before starting your paper.

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