Examples of Scientific Topics: More Ideas for College

Of course, some topics related to medicine and nanotechnologies are quite beneficial and may become really interesting for you. Thus, it is a pleasure to work on such a theme and provide your own research. However, there are even more areas and fields for doing a survey. At the same time, you should understand that working on a complicated topic is appreciated by a big part of professors and teachers, so you have more opportunities to get an excellent mark.


This topic attracts many people because there are some truly amazing and wonderful things related to astronomy. Probably everyone is interested whether the secrets of space may be revealed or they will remain unknown. Almost every news report is connected with astronomic surveys. As a result, even the youngest students develop a true interest in this subject. It means that they can work on topics of this scientific area easily and get satisfaction from their job.

  • “Space Exploration: The Necessary Work or Money Wasting” is the question which makes everyone disturbed nowadays as billions of dollars are spent on new satellites, space ships and so on. At the same time, there are many significant issues on the Earth right now, namely ecological catastrophes, global warming, endangered species and so on. That is why many people claim that it is better to spend money on these exact problems than space exploration which brings no use and benefits for ordinary citizens.
  • The topic “The Issue of Black Holes: Is It Dangerous for Us?” gives you a good chance to provide your own survey using archives, libraries, and online resources. Sure, you are not able to research this phenomenon personally. However, you can use a number of works made on this subject. They may be pretty good for your college papers.


One of the most significant spheres which are interesting for young people is robots’ creation and development. Almost every day new machines are invented and improved. Some people try to follow the modern tendency and buy these unusual devices for thousands or even millions of dollars. You have a good opportunity to research the human progress in this field and some other highly discussed points.

  • One of the major questions which occur nowadays is “How Can Robots Replace Humans?” and many people claim that the development of these devices should be stopped because some of them can deal with work much better that a man. Thus, the manual job becomes underestimated and unnecessary as robots can tackle everything quicker and avoid mistakes. Your task is understanding if these creatures are really perfect and how they can replace real people at work.
  • “Do People Need to Invest Money to This Sphere?” is an important issue as well. We see that not all of the robots are useful. Some of them cannot cope with an established task and fail. Others have mechanical disorders. Thus, humanity just wastes money on the creation of such poor machines. At the same time, there may be robots which can bring the real use for us. Try to find out statistics on this subject and discuss this problem in your college paper.

All in all, there are some important topics which you should take into account as well. Sure, you can modify and improve them according to your personal tastes and preferences. Do not be afraid of experiments but keep in mind your real skills and knowledge at the same time. We hope that these writing tasks are easy for you and you get pleasure while working on these scientific topics. Just stay encouraged and interested in the chosen area as it guarantees the success for your essay. In the next article, we will present nice topics on environmental science which you can research for writing a college paper.

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