Person Who Inspires Me: How Does Stephen King Motivate Writers?

King’s books are the most popular among young people who stand in lines in order to buy his new bestseller or cope with reading his masterpieces without taking a break. Everyone agrees that his novels are really catchy and amusing. Thus, both adults and teenagers appreciate this author a lot. However, things were not that good and simple when Stephen King had just started his career. That is why he is a perfect example for many young people who try themselves in writing. Beginners in this field are inspired by this person greatly. His attainments help them to believe in their own power and talent. Why does King have such a big influence on young authors? The main reason for it may be not as obvious as you think. Sure, the majority thinks about his high rates in various tops of writers and big income of book sales. Nevertheless, there are some more things which inspire beginners to head on in writing.

His Career Start

Probably the majority of people believed that Stephen King’s career was successful from its very beginning. Sure, everyone imagined a huge success after sending the first manuscript to a publisher. Then, the author gained enough money to buy a great house and several expensive cars. That is what a big part of young people thinks about this writer’s career and success. Of course, most of them see his modern success and cannot believe that such a brilliant author may be poor and unpopular. However, things were not that good for real. King suffered from tons of rejections in different publishing facilities. He even created a special place on the wall for hanging these papers. His first story was published only after 60 rejections. It is hard to believe that a person can stay strong even while being pushed away so many times. Weak people will quickly decide to forget about writing and find another hobby. However, only such unusual personality as King was able to see through the hard times. His first novel which was presented to the audience was called “The Glass Floor.” The author received only $35 for this manuscript.

Poor Living Conditions

Like many other writers, Stephen King did not get a huge payment at the beginning of his career. Moreover, his living conditions were truly poor, and he suffered from the lack of money. For many young authors, the problem of finances becomes topical and even makes them give up writing. Nevertheless, this is not about King as he survived this difficult period. Sure, he and his wife had to live in a trailer and borrow clothes for their wedding. Both of them were writers, but because of the lack of money, they had to find some jobs in order to earn at least a few dollars. It took a lot of time until King reached his first great success and big money.

The Success of “Carrie”

His famous novel “Carrie” which was not popular after its primary publishing got readers’ appreciation after being put on the market in paperback. Thus, King got 200 000 dollars. Nevertheless, he did not believe in the possibility of the success of this book. He claimed that no one would be interested in such kind of stories. Hence, he even threw his manuscript in a trash bin. However, his wife took it and insisted King to continue writing this novel. At first, he created it as a short story for men’s magazine. Only later, it became a full and interesting book which reached an incredible success. It gave the writer a chance to quit all his side jobs and dedicate the time to writing.

Charity and Support for People in Need

It is true that King and his wife Tabatha are the founders of the charitable organization. Its major purpose is supporting people, mainly artists, who suffered in an accident and are disabled to work and earn money for living. It is closely connected with the situation when King himself encountered such a case. He was hit by a van and could not do anything for months. The writer and his wife also own several radio stations. King is a big music fan as everyone knows. In 2011, his radio stations tried to get 70 000 dollars via donations of the listeners. This money was needed for Maine citizens who suffered during cold winter times. Finances could help them to buy more heating fuel and survive in this difficult period.

All in all, Stephen King is truly a person who can inspire lots of beginners in writing for heading on and not giving up in any case. He was not afraid of challenges and tackled all difficulties on the way to success. Thus, he is one of the most famous and popular writers in the modern world. His novels sell perfectly and many of them become bestsellers. Thus, he is an example for dozens of young people who get rejections but continue to create new novels and work hard in order to reach their goals.

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