Person Who Inspires Me: J. K. Rowling Motivates Writers

Sure, every teenager reads her books and enjoys movies created according to her stories. Novels about Harry Potter conquered the book market quickly and each of them was a bestseller. Although they seem to be the books for kids, many adults appreciate this fantasy world made by J.K. Rowling. Thus, they are in the highest positions in different lists and the writer should have already earned a huge wealth. Many people think that it is quite easy: just put your creative thoughts and ideas on the paper and you will probably become rich and popular. Nevertheless, only a few students know how hard Rowling worked in order to reach success. As we said in the previous example, young authors who are famous now have encountered lots of difficulties and challenges on their way. This person was not an exception and such a great fame and popularity did not come easily. That is why Rowling inspires thousands of young writers or those artists who have hard times in their life. Her example is a brilliant motivation for people who want to give up on the way to their goals.

The First Harry Potter Manuscript

Probably teenagers who read this novel now could not believe that this book might be rejected or poorly estimated by editors. Everyone was sure that Rowling became famous after finishing this manuscript. At the same time, almost no one knew that she did not even have a computer to type several variants for different publishers. As a result, the author had to retype them with an old-fashion machine manually. She could not even afford a photocopy. Thus, after sending these papers to publishers, she got 12 rejections. Only Bloomsbury which was a small agency in London agreed to pick it up. It happened only thanks to a little daughter of the local employee who enjoyed the story about a young wizard.

She Was Suggested to Take a Pseudonym

After a publisher had agreed to type her novel about Harry Potter, she was suggested to take a pseudonym. He believed that none of the kids would be interested in reading a story about a boy-wizard which is written by a female author. At the same time, she was the first person who became a billionaire only thanks to a writing activity. Although the first print run of Harry Potter novel was only 1 000 copies, now the number of seven sold books is about 500 million. It is a pretty good motivation for beginners in writing not to give up and work hard for reaching success.

Charity in Rowling’s Life

Rowling had to cope with dozens of difficulties before she finally became successful. She had to live on financial aid after the divorce and could barely feed her kid. This was a great challenge for her desire to write as even the first Harry Potter book was not finished at those times. Nevertheless, as soon as she became famous and rich, Rowling started helping other people in need.

  • She created two additional books about Harry Potter’s world and all income which she got from their sales was donated to Comic Relief. It was about 17 millions of pounds.
  • Rowling also founded a charitable international organization named Lumos. Its main purpose is supporting kids in need and helping them to regain families. It won the Charity of the Year Award in Great Britain.
  • In 2015, she received the British Red Cross Humanity Award because of her charitable activity. This award is given to famous philanthropists who fight for human rights, change people’s life for better and support those who are in need.
  • In 2013, the Anne Rowling Neurology Clinic was opened at the University of Edinburgh thanks to J. K. Rowling’s donation. She gave 10 million pounds for the creation of this establishment and naming it in honor of her mother who died from multiple sclerosis.

All in all, J.K. Rowling continues to create new stories. Sometimes she even uses pseudonyms in order to see the success of a certain story without her famous name. Anyway, she is a great motivation for young writers who work hard but still get rejections and reach no appreciation. It does not mean that they are untalented or poorly skilled as many popular creators of bestsellers have to deal with the similar challenges. We cannot disagree that Rowling is one of such authors who can become the great and inspiring example for the youth.

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