Person Who Inspires Me: Prompts for Writing

Many young people get a task to create an essay about their own methods of reaching inspiration. As a rule, the majority prefers to write a paper about a certain person which has a great influence not on their life but upon their favorite places, movies or music. Thus, they should learn how to deal with such type of assignments without wasting their time and efforts. Of course, many young people find that it is quite simple to create a text about an admirable person. However, it is not enough just to describe your attitude and personal feelings. You should stay serious while working on this task as students often commit lots of obvious and unpleasant mistakes while writing. Hence, you will prevent many challenges and difficulties. What is more, there will be no need to fix your mistakes thanks to the list of good prompts presented below.

Select a Right Person

Sure, you are surrounded by many people in your life. All of them have influenced you in different ways. At the same time, the power and kind of such an effect are diverse as well. For example, you have probably noticed that someone can make you want to create beautiful things, others awaken disgusting emotions, and you want to leave their company as quickly as it is possible. However, only a few of your close people have a really strong impact on you and can give you some inspiration.

  • Firstly, many young people decide to write an essay about their parents. However, it does not let you show your writing abilities in the best way. You can only put down your personal attitude and emotions. School kids often pick up exactly such a topic. Older students try to select another theme as a rule.
  • The next variant is choosing one of your professors or supervisors in other spheres except for education. For example, it is possible to create a paper about your football coach. Thus, students explain how he inspires them for working hard and training a lot. It is a pretty good topic if you are involved in one of the sports sections or attend specific courses.
  • There is also a good variant which many young people prefer. They write papers about celebrities who inspire them. These may be athletes, singers, dancers and so on. Sure, these people often appear in public. Some of them pay a lot of attention to charitable activity and help poor people. That is why so many students decide to write papers about them.

Brief Summarizing of Biography

Sure, there is no need to put down the whole life story of a certain person in details. No one is interested in the biography of your basketball trainer or an actor which you like a lot. That is why you should only write down a few words about their life. It can be a short summarizing, or you can select the most interesting events happened to the person which you appreciate and are good motivation for you. Do not forget that if you pick a famous one, you will have more information to research and use as the basis for your essay. Wonderful stories happen in the lives of celebrities which encourage average students for creative activities and hard work.

Indicate This Person’s Strengths

The first thing to do is surely indicating the strengths and positive qualities which this person has. Remember that you should not just put down all good features you know. If you write that he or she is honest, kind, beautiful, smart and so on, it will sound like a child’s paper which is full of unrealistic things and deluded point of view on lots of events. Your task is also proving these words with exact actions which this person has done. For example, if you say that your mother is a kind woman and helps others, it will be a good idea to mention her charitable activity or being a volunteer in some social project. Thus, the audience of your essay will clearly see that your words have a strong basis. On the other side, you should never forget that each of us has weaknesses. There are no perfect people in this world, so you can add some qualities which you dislike in this person’s temper.

Things Which Encouraged You

There are no doubts that you know a lot of good people who can always support you and give some effective pieces of advice. However, it does not mean that they inspire you for something. There should be a certain specific feature which makes you highly motivated and ready to work hard in order to reach something. You should explain which exact quality or event happened with this person encouraged you for doing your job in a better way. Here, you are free to choose as only your personal emotions play a role. You can write that the life story of this person, in general, inspires you a lot, in case it is too difficult to pick something exact.

To sum up, these prompts are pretty effective if you need to create a good essay quickly and have no desire to waste your energy and time. We tried to compile only the most necessary steps in this post. Sure, this type of paper seems to be easy to write. However, many students still commit mistakes and have no idea on how to start their work. Just learn the information presented here and you will avoid a writing block and tons of failures which young people experience because of being overconfident and underestimating this assignment. In the next article, we will create an example of such essays. There will be a paper about a celebrity who inspires young people a lot. You can find some helpful ideas there as well.

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