Secrets of Poetry: Pick the Best Topics

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Probably the hardest task which amateur poets face is selecting the topics for their writing. Sure, this is a factor which indicates the whole success. However, only a few young people are able to make a right choice and prevent failures in such a way. Many of them just take banal themes or try to transfer too complicated ideas via their poetry, but beginners cannot do it successfully because of the lack of skills. Thus, the majority fails because the chosen topics are not suitable for them. It is a pity as a lot of talented people suffer from the disability to pick a right topic. Alternatively, this person simply has no ideas for writing. Anyway, there is a good way to cope with this problem. Just select one of the examples presented in this post as the basis for your work.

Describe the Five Senses

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As you know from the previous articles, the poetry should mainly convey the emotional impact to the audience. Thus, you should describe feelings and experiences in your works in order to hook a reader. For example, you can write about different sounds and even music. It will make your poem more melodic and rhythmic. You even can pay attention even to ordinary things which you hear every day and try to put them on the paper in the unusual and surprising way. Even the noise which drivers make during the traffic jam while sounding their horns may be described in your poems and attract the eye.

Unusual Beauty of Nature

Sure, nature becomes a subject of the writing of many writers, so both famous authors and amateurs pay attention to this theme. There are tons of various songs, poems, and sonnets about it nowadays. It is truly hard to invent something new, but you can try. It is essential to show your personal view but not describe general things as they have already been written many times. If you create a poem about an autumn, you should not describe leaves which fall on the grass or rains which go almost every day. Even the best writing style will not save such a literary piece from failure. Try to transfer your feelings to the natural background. In this way, you will get an opportunity to create a brilliant work.

Psychological Context

It is very interesting to research different things of human being in a psychological context in your poems. Sure, this is not an easy task, and you will have to work a lot in order to produce a good writing piece. However, many readers are attracted by such literature where people’s feelings, thoughts and so on are researched. It helps them to understand themselves better. You can also highlight a certain feeling while writing on this theme. For example, you can show off the power of love and changes caused by it in a person’s worldview and emotional mood.

Autobiographical Plots

Sure, many authors prefer to use their personal experience while writing not only prose stories but also poems. Sure, you will not be able to explain the whole routine you face day-by-day, as no one is interested in these boring descriptions. However, you can pick a certain specific and fantastic situation which has happened to you. You can be sure that the audience will appreciate such a poem with autobiographical elements. On the other hand, you can pay attention to a certain life period which has been very emotional and full of new experiences. Put your feelings on the paper and correct them in order to make the rhythm melodic. Many professional writers use their stories from the real life as the basis for new plots.

All in all, there are many brilliant topics which you can use while creating your poems. However, you should not forget that these are just examples. It is possible to correct them and adapt these things according to your needs. Try not to fail while writing and never overestimate your skills but keep in mind your personal style and ideas as well. In the next post, we will continue this theme.


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