Real Writing Jobs or How to Earn Money When Writing Is Your Hobby

Freelance Writer Working

Were you one of those children whose biggest dream was to write their own book? Were or are you one of those school, college or university students who always remained or remain enthusiastic about living a life of a real writer and creating a great work which could be read and quoted for the years and even centuries to come? If yes, then here, on our blog, you are going to find a lot of handy recommendations and guidelines for perfecting your writing skills and generating fresh inspiring ideas for your works!

Yet, you may say: “Becoming a writer is just my old romantic dream. I need something more real to make a living from”. No doubt, this is a reasonable remark, but still it does not alter the facts

  1. that, firstly, you express yourself in your writing;
  2. that, secondly, you consider writing as your hobby, though, probably, not a very noteworthy one;
  3. and that, thirdly, it is really what you would like to have more time for, but someone very smart told you once that being a writer is not serious job in the busy world of today.

What you should definitely know first is that this someone is wrong and, what is more, there is nothing but some outdated stereotypes to prove such claim. On the other hand, there are numerous counterarguments to it.

Alright, we have decided on the idea that writing cannot be considered as something airy-fairy and below we are going to discuss which particular real writing jobs are now available worldwide. Nevertheless, there still can be certain factors, besides all stereotypes about writers’ destinies, which do prevent you from bringing your old dream to life, that is from becoming a writer. What can these forces be?

  • Publishing is probably the most difficult aspect of the writer’s job, because it does not depend fully on the writer. The whole procedure can be really time-consuming and therefore deprive you of your desire even to start gathering all your notes into a single text.
  • The right to intellectual property is also quite a bothering issue: as a real author of the text you have created you should have some special confirmation that this text is yours and only yours.
  • Public acknowledgement or, to be more precise, the fear of its lack is something that makes you feel shy about reading your poem or story even to your best friends or parents, to say nothing of bringing it to strange editors and publishers.

Still, we are here to help you fight with your fears and see real prospects for getting a real job, find yourself, achieve your goals and just live your happy life.

See What You Can Choose From

So, let us see how you can help your inner writer reveal its talent and get money for what this talent will create. Here is the list of the most popular jobs for a person who wants to write, knows where to look for inspiration and is ready to do it all every day (days off can be considered).


This is quite a good option for you if you are a kind of modest person who adores writing but does not look for fame and glory. Besides, it is paid well. What you need to do is to write a book for another person whose name or pseudonym will be printed on its cover. It is difficult to discover where such practice takes its roots from, but it appears to be popular among politicians, businessmen and other famous people. A book does add to their public recognition. By the way, one of the most famous books that is rumored to be ghostwritten is the novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.

Web Content Writer

It is obvious that everything you read on websites is written by real people. Depending on what exactly a website offers (products, services or just some interesting non-commercial information), your task will be to fill it with the necessary content, that is with articles, headers, descriptions and so on. Such job can give you a great opportunity to learn plenty of new and smart things including something from the basics of website development.


You can either have your personal blog setting your talent and creativity free or develop blogs for other people and even companies that offer particular services or want to share some special information. Naturally, you are likely to earn real money in the second case. However, if your own blog gets very popular and a big number of Internet users visits it, then other businesses can pay for their advertising on your blog.

There are actually a lot of other jobs for guys with writing skills, so the choice is rather wide. You can try your talent in different spheres in order to understand what you prefer more. We hope that our blog will also be helpful for you, so that you could find effective hints, characters, plots and many other great things for your writing.

Good luck!