The Common Students’ Mistakes: Things to Avoid in Literary Papers

Of course, students often commit different mistakes while creating their papers on literary topics even if many of them claim that such tasks are simple and effortless. As a rule, young people fail in the easiest things and regret being overconfident. In the previous post, we presented some helpful prompts for you. At the same time, there are still many unrevealed things. For example, most of the students do not know their typical mistakes and continue making them in each of their essays. Sure, it is a pity as they can prevent this unpleasant tendency quickly and provide the success for their papers at college. We decided to support you in this case. Are you irritated by constant teacher’s remarks? There is no wonder why it upsets you. There is the list of the most typical mistakes which you can learn and prevent in the future.

Not Enough Expertise and Research

Sure, many students try to make their papers clear and understandable for everyone even for people who have poor knowledge of the presented subject. It is a correct and useful approach. At the same time, you should not forget that there might be not enough interesting information for experts in this field. It is a typical situation when a young person simplifies the essay too much. As a result, there are only common ideas and the lack of uniqueness. Thus, this may be a serious mistake, and your professor will reject such a work. Moreover, you as the author of this paper will be in a negative light as too simple statements, and the absence of terms prove that you are not good at this subject.

Retelling the Plot

There is one more unpleasant mistake which is frequently made by young people who are beginners in writing. They try to retell the whole story in a literary essay while having a task to analyze it. Sure, you can add citations and highlight particular moments of this novel. At the same time, you should never retell it even in a short form. People who read your paper have already read this book, and they know things perfectly. Thus, it will be only time wasting if you decide to rewrite the key moments of the plot. Keep in mind that it can be estimated as a huge mistake by your professor.

Comprehending Characters as the Author’s Portrait

Sure, there are some novels where writers use their personal life experience and real situations while creating an imaginary world. However, this rule cannot be applied to all stories. Sometimes students confuse character’s line with the author’s point of view. At the same time, it may be a huge mistake as not all things are autobiographical and closely related to the writer. He can make his personages absolutely different from his own positions. Thus, you should be careful with making such statements in your essay. It is better to check your thoughts with works of famous researchers.

Copying Others’ Points of View

On the other side, there is the typical failure which students encounter. They take into account only someone else’s papers and opinions without presenting their personal point of view. However, this is one of the most important features of every literary analysis. You cannot complete your task effectively if you do not develop your own thoughts on this theme and demonstrate if you appreciate a certain phenomenon or author. Sure, it is important to refer to influential sources and works of famous scholars. At the same time, you should not forget that it is your paper and you should add something personal to it.


This point is a bit different from the previous one. It is true that one of the major educational problems is that many students do not want to work on their own in the age of the internet and its benefits. As a result, most of the young people prefer to plagiarize essays from the internet websites instead of writing them on their own. It is a pity as an experienced professor can easily indicate such things. Thus, a student gets a bad grade and poor reputation, so teachers will check his papers in a stricter way. Moreover, a young person does not enlarge his or her knowledge while plagiarizing papers and have lower chances to pass the final test.

To sum up, there are some great mistakes frequently made by young people in their literary papers. Sure, the majority of them wish to get rid of these failures and forget about angry teacher’s remarks. How can you do it? First of all, you should pay attention to the information in this post. The statements presented there may be very helpful for improving your school marks and making the process of writing much easier. On the other side, it is also important to take into account remarks made by your professor. Remember if he tells you to fix some mistakes, it does not mean he wants to irritate or abuse you. As a rule, a teacher tries to help you to reduce the most typical mistakes which you often make. Just review your recent papers, and you will see that all inaccuracies and faults are almost similar. That is why you should pay attention to checked essays and make a correction page at home. In the next post, we will explain how to write a paper about a literary style and epoch and present an example of such a work.

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