Writing Scientific Papers: The Problems Students Face

As we mentioned in the previous article, the process of creation of a science paper may be quite complicated and demands a lot of time and efforts from a student, especially if he or she faces such a task at first. Thus, there is no wonder why so many typical problems related to these assignments exist. Young people complain to their supervisors and fellows that it is impossible to tackle with all the issues which occur on their way. They often feel overwhelmed and exhausted after finishing each of the sections of their essay. Sure, it is very unpleasant and makes students feel confused and scared of this type of writing. At the same time, the majority of these common problems can be reduced in a quite easy and fast way. First of all, you should clearly understand these issues and only often that a good solution can be found.

Presenting Only the Positive Results

There are no doubts that it is much more pleasant and interesting to read and hear about the positive outcomes of a certain survey than listening to the reports connected with scientific failures. Hence, even young people prefer not to mention negative results which they have got while working on their topics. At the same time, it becomes a real problem in the modern science as even college students follow the tendency of trying to reach perfection and hiding all unsatisfying things. However, it is impossible to present a full and deep image of a certain issue and offer some effective solutions to it in case you forget to mention the failures that have occurred during your work.

  • Present all results you got while researching your subject. Negative outcomes play a great role as well. For example, you can use them for comparing with other issues and results. Moreover, your supervisor will check this point too. Thus, you get a chance for a good mark while demonstrating each of the outcomes of your survey.
  • Remember that you can make a mistake while estimating the results and report only a part of the significant information. That is why it is better to be sure that you completed your task correctly and effectively. Try to mention almost all results which seem to play a role.

Relying on Wrong Sources

Sometimes young people use wrong and unreliable sources of information while writing their scientific papers. Sure, this approach to work leads only to failures and mistakes especially if you base your paper on someone else’s research. This point is highlighted in many guidelines and instructions for college students. Nevertheless, the majority still is not careful while selecting resources. They often pay attention to ordinary articles in magazines, strange internet posts and so on. However, a big part of the surveys explains that they have nothing common with reality and can only confuse you.

  • The main rule which all students should keep in mind is using only trustworthy and reliable sources of information. If you ignore this necessity, a lot of unpleasant problems may occur and deplete the whole work you have already done.
  • Remember that not everything which is published on the internet especially in the sphere of science is reliable. The majority of all these facts which you see on the websites are just myths or someone’s imagination. It happens that students even comprehend jokes and pranks as something trustworthy. As a result, they feel shame and confusion while presenting their works and listening to teacher’s remarks.
  • Try to select the best and most helpful resources before starting your essay. Keep in mind that it is better to read some specific literature on your topic and only after that begin to create your paper. Thus, you should compile a list of good books, web pages and so on, which can support you in the case of need. In this way, you will not have to surf the internet when an urgent necessity to find information occurs, because such quick search usually brings only problems to young people.

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